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Russia lolita school girls


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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 10 incestTim was still on Jay's mind,especially at night time,he really missed that
little guy,maybe he could go visit next summer,he would kep it in mind,he
thought as he lay back naked in the dark stillness of the night.He was n't
sure if he had fallen asleep.or had just rested his eyes when he heard it
again."Jay,Jay."like a whisper,his window had been up just a bit,now it was
opening all the way,as Joe stuck his head in.
"You awake little guy?"He whispered.
"Yes,I'm awake,come on in."Jay said.Joe entered,sat on the bed and took him in his arms,"Damm I've miised you
boy."He said,sighing as he kissed him.
"I've missed you to Joe,but I could never find you."Jay whispered,breathing
heavy in between kiss'es."I know boy,I had to go up north for awhile,ole lady Wilkins all most caught
me fucking her grand son."
"You mean Petey"?Jay gasped.
"Yeah,that little guy has a real nice ass on him,you might want to try him
sometime,he'll go for it,hell,the little shit loves it,I think his grandpa
has been banging him."Joe said."But his ass is not as good as yours Jay,no way,oh baby,I need you bad."He
"Then why are you still dressed?"Jay said,smiling,
Joe quickly stripped,showing his muscular body in the faint light.His cock
was rock hard and standing staight up as Jay kissed it's head,tasting his
pre cum."Ah yes,suck it darlin,ohh that feels good."Joe moaned.
Jay was sucking and licking Joes cock like it was a lolly pop,he had became
quite good at blow jobs by now.
Jay had a surprise preteen lolitas under 12 for him,he had been practicing deep throat with bananas
and long sausages,he had finally passed the gagging stage.Joe's cock was slick with Jay's saliva now,as he lowered his mouth farther
down Joes cock,the head hit the top of his throat,stretched it open,then
slid on down a good three inches,Joe was gasping for breath,it was driving
him nuts.His body was shaking all over as Jay bobbed his head up and down in short
strokes,never allowing the crown of Joe's cock to escape his
"Oh hell boy!You want some of that cum,you better back of a little,I'm going
to blow,aaahhh,hhhuunn,hhuunnn!"
Jay pulled back just enough to catch Joes spern in his mouth and there was a
lot of it,Joe must not of had any for a long time.His cum was heavy,but silky as Jay wallowed it around in his mouth before
He then sucked and licked the shiny monster free of cream.
"Oh shit Jay,where the hell did you learn to do that?'Joes gasped."Oh,I just kind of picked it up,"Jay said,smiling,then lay back,raising his
short legs in the air.
Joe got the idea and mounted him,pressing Jays legs back beside his head ad
he speared his puckered hole and entered.When his belly slapped against Jay's soft cheeks,he let it soak as they
kissed nude preteen lolitas gallery and swapped tongues.
Jay had his arms wrapped around Joes neck as Joe began to pump his dick in
and out of that tight little hole."Oh yes!Fuck me Joe,fuck me hard!Make me scream,ram me Joe,ram me!"Jay
"Shhhh,Jay,you'll wake you mom and dad."Joe whispered.
"I don't care if I do,pound me Joe,ride me hard!"Jay insisted.The bedroom door eased open and then closed.
"What the hell is going on in here?"Jay's dad whispered.
"Is that you Joe?For lands sake,hold it down a little.
He pulled the shade,then turned on a night lite exposing Joe with his cock
still buried up Jay's ass."Im sorry Dave,I'll get out of here."Joe said,but when he tried to raise
up,Jay held on to him.
"Not till I get what I want your not."he said.
"Better give him that cock Joe,he can be a mean little fucker when he
wants."Jay's dad laughed.Joes stretched out,buring his cock deeper up Jay's young ass,holding him
tight as he pile drove his big dick in and out.
Jay's dad slipped his shorts off,then stood beside the bed.
"Pull him down some Joe so I can get to him."He said.Joe kept his cock buried but pulled Jay's body to the middle of the bed.
His dad sat with Jay's head between his legs,his cock hanging over his
head,then spipped a small pillow under his neac as Jay opend asian lolita 10yo girl his mouth to
accept his dads dick.They had done this before and both knew exactly how to do it.
Jay's dad slid his cock into Jay's mouth,letting him lube it with spit,then
slid it straight down his throat like it was a pussy.
This way he could fuck with a stright shot.
"Damm!I can't hold off any longer,you guys got me hotter than hell."Joe
gasped,hust before he rammed home,having his second orgasm.
After he had caught his breath,he reach down on the floor,found his pants
and stuffed them under Jay's fresh fucked ass.Jay felt his ass being filled with Joes warm piss,it was not easy,what with
Joes cock still in there,but he puckered his ass to hold it in.
His dad held his head as he little pussy lolita jpg shot his load straight down his throat to his
stomach.He then got up and stood beside the bed,as Joe pulled his cock out and
quickly shoved his face between Jay's cheeks,sucking his piss mixed with cum
from Jay's ass.It was a sight to see as Jay's dad stood watching.Jay loved the sight of his dad standing there with his cock hanging
down,knowing he had just drained that lovely thing.
His dad picked up his shorts and went to the door,"Keep it down,ok?"And get
some sleep Jay,your grandad will be here in the morning."Jay and Joe lay talking for awhile and kising, then Joe dressed,hugged
him,kissed him once more and was out the window,Jay turned out the light and
slept like a baby.Dreaming about being in teen lolita pic sample a room full of long,hard dicks
every where.The next day,he went with his mom to meet his grandad at the station,his dad
had to work so it was up to them.
Jay liked his grandpa,he was even bigger than his dad,very good shape for a
guy sixty two years old.His name was Jay Don,but everyone called him Don,he always seemed to have a
smile on his face and a joke to tell.
Jay's mom fixed them breakfast,then went to bed,she had been working all
night.After lunch,his grandpa said,as he squeezed Jay's thigh,"Well boy,I think a
nap is in order,how about you?"
Jay never took naps often but agreed to with his grandpa,if only just to
please him.Jay went to the bath room and was surprised young lolita top xxx to see his grandpa laying on the
bed in his shorts,but never let on,he just stripped down to his also and lay
beside him.
"Ah,now this is living Jay boy,uuummmm."He siad as he squirmed down in the
mattress.He pulled Jay to him in a hug,kissed his forehead,then lay back with Jay
still in his arms and closed his eyes.
Jay must have been more tired than he thought and fell asleep.
He awoke later.feling a hand down the back of his shorts,massaging the
cheeks of his butt."Grandpa"?He whispered to himself.
The hand worked its way to the front,gently squeezing his cock,making it
begin to grow,by now Jay had a good six inches,not bad for a boy still yet
to turn fourteen in a couple of months.The hand left,then returned as a wet finger began to tease Jay's love
hole,working to get inside,finally making it then wiggling around inside.
Jay moved the top leg forward,but faked still being asleep,giving Grandpa
more room.The finger moved away,as two hands gripped his shorts,pulling thm down then
off,the bed creeked as his granpa got ,then returned kneeling in the
bed,Something cool touched Jay's ass then lubb was squirted deep inside.A pillow was stuffed under Jay's belly as the bed creeked some more,his
grandad kneeling between his boyish legs,his ass cheeks were parted as the
head of his grandads cick touched his anus,stretching him open and sliding
slowly in to the hilt.Jay loved the feeling of his grandads weight on his back,his cock buried
profoundly up his ass.
As his grandad worked his cock around in Jay's ass,he whispered,
"How long had your dad been fucking you boy?"The question surprised Jay,but he answered.
"About two years now."
"Un huh,I thought so,did you know him and I had sex from the time he was ten
till he was eighteen?"No sir,"Jay said,as his grandpa lay there on top of him,his cock still up
his ass.
"Your dad was a nice piece of ass also jay,you ever fuck him?"
"No sir,but I've sucked him off,several times."
"The next time you have sex with him,fuck him,he'll love you for it."He
said.He was moving his dick around slowly in Jay's ass not,humping an little now
and then.
"Your very good Jay,nice little ass,tight to."He said.
"Of course your mom doesn't know,does she."
"No sir,not that I know of.""yes,well,not much she could say boy,your ole grandad has fucked her
also."He said,as he began kissing Jays neack,pumping his cock faster now.
He had his hands under Jay's chest,pinching his hard little nipples and Jay
loved it,the pain went straight to his cock."Close your legs tight boy,I'm all most there."he panted.
Jay did as he said and could feel his grandads body slamming against his
ass,slapping every time they made contact,then his grandpa was moaning as
his load shot deep inside Jays male pussy and collapsed on his back,panting.When he rolled over,he said,"Thats was damm good Jay,your a real piece boy,a
real piece."
"Gonna tell your dad about this?"
"Yes sir,some day,but not right away."
"Yeah boy,what is it."
"Will you sleep in my bed while your here?"
"Sure boy,I'd like that",He said,then toussled my hair as he kissed,
me,"Now,lets take that lolita bbs model galleries nap,ok?"I remember thinking,I hope grandpa stays for quite awhile,and he did a whole
two months.
I heard him and mom taking one afternoon,they thought I was gone.They were
in the bed room as I peeked through the crack.
Grandpa was holding mom by her shoulders,he had her blouse open,exposing her
breasts."Now damm it Grace,I've fucked you before,so get your ass on that bed!"
"But that was a long time ago Don,I didn't want to then and I don't want to
now."She said.
"I never asked what you wanted,now get those fucking clothes off or I'll rip
them off."He said.Mom finally removed the rest of her clothes as he pulled her to him and
kissed her,then lay her back on the bed.
He grabbed her legs,spreading them wide,Jay could see his moms pussy plain
as day,he had never been with a girl before and felt strange looking at his
moms pussy,he was shocked when he becam aroused at the sight of sky girls lolita nude his grandpas
cock disappearing inside that furry whole.By now he was so worked up,he was not nude lolita teens preteens
responsible for his actions,before he
knew it,he was kneeling behind his granpa,parting his cheeks and buring his
face between them.
His granpa looked back,shocked at what Jay was doing,but remained on top preteen lolita freedom bbs
his mom.Jay ate his grandpas ass as he continued to fuck his mom,he found he could
look under his grandpas ass and see his cock inside his mom,juice running
out and down the crack of her ass.
Jay forced his head betwen his granpas legs,his grandpa saw what hw wanted
and raised up,giving him room.Jay began licking his grandpas shaft shaft tasting his moms juices.then
licked the crack of her ass for more,he was so hot he was beside himself by
His grandpa had raised up more,looking down at him smiling now.His mom had
her eyes closed,her head turend sideways.Jay had never tasted joy juice before loli tiny angels tgp and he found he liked it a lot.
His grandpa lay forward and when he did,jay's momlooked up at him,wondering
how he was eating her pussy and kissing her at the same time,then she pulled
her head a wya and looked down gasping.
"Oh Jay,no,don't honey."She moaned.but Jay was not to be denied now as his
granpa removed his cock and watched.His mom closed her eyes but began hunching her ass gently,tryiong to entrap
Jays tongue.
"That a boy Jay,make her cum boy,eat that pussy!"His grandpa said,egging
him on.Jay's hands lay on his moms flat belly,he felt it jerk in spasms tree times
in a row before she blacked out,but first filling his mouth with her juice
and he quickly swalloed it down.
As he stood up,he was still licking his lips as his grandpa took hold of
him."Get up there on her boy,put that cock in that wet pussy,you know you want
to,mount her boy,go for it."He urged.
Jay whimpered once,then mounted his mom like a wild animal,his cockramming
in and out of the warm,wet hole,his first piece of actual pussy.He never lasted long,in fact about a minute and he was shooting his load up
his moms cunt,then collapsing on top of her.
When he got up,he looked dowm sheepishly,He had always loved his mom,but
now,he not only loved her,he was IN love with her.
Her naked body was the most beautiful thimg he had ever seen.He started to turn and leave but his grandpa took him by the arm.
"No,no boy,you don't walk away and leave her like that,get your ass down
there and suck that pussy messed it up."He said,laughing.
He pushed Jay to his knees,thenpressed his head betwen his moms
thighs,amking him lick ans suck his cum from her cunt."Ok boy,now got clean up and take a walk."grandpa said.
As Jay looked back from the door,he saw his grandpa mounting his mom a
gain,ramming that bid dick in and out like a piston.
Jay turned and ran from the house,totally confused,but you would be
surprised how quickly he got over it.
It was to be a wonderfull two months while grandpa was there..........
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